Sunday, September 12, 2010


"I'll do whatever it takes / to turn this around / i know what's at stake / i know that i've let you down"

"really? how can it be that You let me down? You never will"

"from now on, you hold on to the key to your heart. you decide who you want to let in"


"this key, it belongs to You"



shaowei said...

dude! are you recalling that day in Tahoe?! =)

jem said...

this is amazing.

New Creation Church said...

Hi there,

We noticed that you’ve posted several songs by New Creation Church on your blog. As these songs are copyrighted to our church, please remove them from your blog (as well as any other websites at which you may have shared the songs) as soon as possible.

Thank you.

New Creation Church

jer said...

done! nah, just here.

jer said...

by the way, it's meant to be a song playlist la, not a free-for-all thing.

jer said...

done for unleashed. ha i wasnt really expecting a reply, but thanks! oh, so making it un-clickable doesnt cut it too?

jer said...

just for my own info, so say if i want to provide a playlist of songs from church, who do i ask? and would it cost anything?

maybe u could email me at thanks!

eStee said...

God Bless